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Six Degrees of Jaromir Jagr

In honor of the Florida Panthers' #MulletNightinSunrise, I thought it would be fun to play Six Degrees of Jaromir Jagr. Considering his Hall of Fame career that shows little sign of slowing, I am confident that the entire hockey world, not just the NHL, has to be within six degrees of this legend. I'll get this started, and you can tweet me @SportingAJenDa, comment on the new FaceBook page (and please "like" it while you're there), or email me ( submissions. I will update this page throughout the weekend with your submissions, so check back to see your name here!

Everyone has a Jagr number. Jagr's is 0 because he is the center of the game. Anyone who has played with, coached, or had any type of relationship with Jagr has a Jagr number of 1 because they have a direct connection. For example, Alexander Semin has a Jagr number of 1 because they were teammates on the Washington Capitals in the 2003-2004 season. Anyone who has played with, coached, or had some type of link to someone who has a Jagr number of 1 has a Jagr number of 2. This indicates they are two degrees away from Jagr. For example, Jeff Skinner has a Jagr number of 2 because while he has never played with Jagr, he currently plays on the Carolina Hurricanes with Alexander Semin. In this game, try to make the connections as direct as possible.

Tonight, the Florida Panthers are facing the Tampa Bay Lightning. Of course, the Florida Panthers team has Jagr numbers of 1, except for Jagr, because they play with the man, the myth, the legend himself. The Tampa Bay Lightning also have Jagr numbers of at least 2.

2014-2015 Tampa Bay Lightning team (2 or less) include
Matthew Carle (1) who played with
Jaromir Jagr on the Philadelphia Flyers in 2011-2012

Here is a historical link:

Lester Patrick (6) created the Pacific Coast Hockey Association in 1911 with his brother
Frank Patrick (5) who was the coach of the 1935-36 Boston Bruins that included
Woody Dumart (4) who played on the 1950-51 Boston Bruins with
Bob Armstrong (3) who played on the 1961-62 Boston Bruins with
Ed Westfall (2) who played on the 1975-76 New York Islanders with
Bryan Trottier (1) who played with
Jaromir Jagr on the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1990-91

Links to the future:

Connor McDavid (4), the potential number one pick in this year's draft, plays on the Eerie Otters with
Dylan Strome (3) whose brother
Ryan Strome (2) plays for the New York Islanders whose general manager is
Garth Snow (1) who played with
Jaromir Jagr on the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2000-01

Jack Eichel (2) plays for Boston University whose Director of Hockey Operations is
Scott Young (1) who won a Stanley Cup with
Jaromir Jagr with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991

Famous links abroad:

Lucie Vondrackova (2) is one of the Czech Republic's most successful and popular entertainers who is married to Tomas Plekanec (1) who played with
Jaromir Jagr in their hometown of Kladno during the 2012 lockout

Obviously, this is a spin of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, so let's see how many degrees of separation exist between him and Jagr. Kevin Bacon has a Jagr number of 3. In turn, Jagr has a Bacon number of 3.

Kevin Bacon (3) was in Stir of Echoes with
Kathryn Erbe (2) who was in D2: The Mighty Ducks with
Luc Robitaille (1) who played with
Jaromir Jagr on the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1994-95

Another hockey and pop culture twist:

Leonardo DiCaprio was in Celebrity with
Karen Duffy who was in Dumb & Dumber which had a cameo of
Cam Neely who played on the 1986-87 Boston Bruins with
Bill Ranford who played on the 1997-98 Washington Capitals with
Peter Bondra who played with
Jaromir Jagr on the Washington Capitals from 2001-2004

These are just a few to get you started. Look forward to see what you come up with and have fun! And don't forget to catch the Florida Panthers take on the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight at 7pm ET.

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