Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tweets of the Week

Here is this week's edition of Tweets of the Week. Don't forget to tweet (@SportingAJenDa) or email ( your favorites! Thank you all for another great week of laughter!

@Mike_Danton: What’s with these pro athletes that throw their careers away with murder charges? Geesh ... #Idiots #Oops #FootInMouth #NFL #NHL

@Steve_Dangle: I tried to type in all of Patrice Bergeron’s injuries into WebMD and my computer burst into flames.

@RattoCSN: Now that I know about Patrice Bergeron, I’m thinking Gregory Campbell should have been listed as day-to-day.

@richcluneshow: I’m not gay, but im kind of a lesbian. Enjoy #PrideTO week love #dicky.

@lyndsay6_16: Damn weddings! Damn them straight to hell. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t have to miss hockey for it.

@Hartsy19 (Scott Hartnell): “@cvaloppixox: @Hartsy19 you’re awesome” so is that make out sesh in ur profile pic!!! #xxx

@Patrick_ONeal: I will always remember/miss doing bench interviews w/ Bernier employing very distracting tactics, ie butt massages with goalie glove.

@mstyczen (Mike Styczen): Best twitter response ever via the @CalgaryPolice (

@BurkieYCP: Remember that time there was a major NHL trade and one of the immediate concerns was his availability for a gay pride parade?

@PinkValkyrie: Damn it! I forgot to practice my “upward facing t****” this weekend!

@JoeYerdonPHT: Why didn’t dude get hooked up with the Wile E. Coyote bat-man suit from Acme? #Skywire

@TonyMarinaro: Chris Nilan: “Patick Kane, I’ll tell ya, I banged him earlier this week”
Me: “Good for u. (Laughs) I am so immature...”

@Mendy87: We Kane. We Shaw. We Crawford. #Blackhawks @darrenrovell

@Willinthe713: In my day, you young whippernsnappers, any pitcher who intentionally walked a guy to get to Albert Pujols had to commit seppuku. Times change.

@CopaCavanna (Alan Cavanna): Yes. This went across the local #clt news :). Can’t make this up. (

@BaileyLAKings: Come on Patrick Kane get your boy a better camera. Disposable cameras cannot take a photo of the cup! It’s 2013 (

@SoVeryAwkward: That awkward moment in Titanic when Rose says she’ll never let go, and lies. #WorstLies

7. @stephaniejoplin: why am i the only person in a group of girls who remembers to bring money? magically your wallet gets lodged in your tight a$$? funny!

6. @HarrisonMooney: Man, that Letang offer. I can’t even imagine being offered $54 million over eight years and being like, “No. F*** you. More.”

5. @shortsweetkate: White people love instagramming their food.. #fact

4. @TheAlSpencer: I’m getting sleepy damn that last tweet woke up.I guess I’ll brush my teeth Because my dream girl won’t like a funky breath.

3. @Willinthe713: Brian in Boca just called me “Judge Will” in a text asking my thought on A. Hernandez case. I’m...honored??

2. @Kato_Kaelin: I swear I did NOT live in Aaron Hernandez’s Guest House. #havemyowncouch

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