Saturday, November 26, 2011

The NFL A-Jen-Da: Week 12 Picks

Vikings @ Falcons: Falcons
Must I really explain this pick? It would take a Thanksgiving miracle for the Vikings to win this one.

Bills @ Jets: Jets
Although the Bills had a strong start to the season, they have won a game since week five. Yes, the Jets haven't been living up to the expectations that Ryan has set before his team, but the Bills have taken everyone by surprise and now have settled back to lackluster form. Not to mention, the Jets are 4-1 at home while the Bills are 1-4 away.

Browns @ Bengals: Bengals
Part of my decision for picking the Bengals is because I still have a soft spot for Cedric Benson. Maybe I just feel nostalgic since I remember that 2005 draft. Then as I looked at the stats, the Bengals seem to be the stronger team. Both teams give up about 20 points a game. However, the Bengals score an average of 24 points while the Browns only score an average of about 15 points. The Bengals have a superior offense, and it's no wonder considering the year that Dalton has had. Cleveland has a slight edge on defense, but they could hardly outperform the Bengals defense.

Buccaneers @ Titans: Titans
This pick I based on stats. Hey, it works for me! Well, sometimes. First, the Titans are 3-2 at home while the Buccs are 1-3 on the road. Second, the Titans give up an average of 20 points a game and score about 21 points a game. Living on the edge I guess. Meanwhile, the Buccs give up about 27 points a game while only scoring about 20 points a game. Hence, their 4-6 record.

Panthers @ Colts: Panthers
I think this is going to be a huge win for the Panthers. Don't let that 2-8 record fool you. Considering that the Panthers have a rookie quarterback and have a rather difficult schedule, this is a pretty good team. They should steamroll the Colts who seem to not be a team without Manning. Wondering if they need a Harbaugh because it isn't that the Colts lack talent, they just lack a star quarterback...

Cardinals @ Rams: Cardinals
Although one of my good friends is a Rams fan, I have this funky feeling that the Cards will surprise and win. Sorry! Even though the Cards will most likely be without Kolb and have to use Skelton, I feel confident in Fitzgerald and Wells to carry the offense. The Cards looked miserable last week against the  49ers, but then again, they were playing the 49ers. The Rams are definitely not that team. I think Bradford has the motivation to play well considering his dismal performance last week, frustration seems to be setting in, and that mental blockage might hinder him again. The Rams are the better team in this match-up, and there is a very good chance that this a bad pick. I'm admitting it, but every week has a surprise.

Texans @ Jaguars: Texans
Even though Schaub is out and Leinart is making his first appearance as a Texans starter, he's playing the Jags. Not to mention, with Johnson, Foster, and Tate, how badly can things go? The Texans D is pretty solid when they have it all together, so if they do their job and Leinart can make some good plays, this is a done deal. And in no way am I influenced by the fact that I have Foster and Tate on my fantasy team.

Bears @ Raiders: Bears
Raiders fans seem to think, "No Cutler, no problem." Casual football fans think, "Oh, the team without its star quarterback won't win." I think they are high off their fanny. For what are the Bears best known? It's DEFENSE!!!! In fact, there are a couple games I can recall that the defense won the game this season. Look at the Lions game from only a couple weeks ago. Yes, Forte ran one in and Bennett caught another TD, but the rest was all defense. Yes, Cutler is a huge part of the offense, which I don't think is topping any NFL lists. Yes, it's going to hurt the offense not having him. However, the Raiders will still have to shut down Forte, which is not easy. But can Palmer and the ailing Raiders offense handle Urlacher and Co.? Now, if the Bears were missing Urlacher, then I would worry. He has such a presence on the team based on his talent as a player and as a leader, the Bears fall apart when he isn't playing. In my opinion, he would be more of a key departure. What the Bears also have going for them is that at some point, the Raiders will be kicking to Hester. I see another return for a touchdown in the future. I think this will be number fourteen? Not to mention, Hanie is hungry for this win. Sure, it won't be a smooth performance since he hasn't played this season and had an injury himself last year. But he wants to prove he belongs in the NFL and has a place with the Bears, especially since they just signed McCown. He's knows what's on the line. So for all those Raiders fans who think this one is in the bag, you better think twice. And I would be proudly wearing my Urlacher jersey at the Coliseum if I didn't have to fear for my life. I saw that preseason 9ers game, and I know what the Black Hole is!

Redskins @ Seahawks: Seahawks
As much as I love Sexy Rexy (are you seeing a trend yet?), I think the Seahawks are going to win. These teams are fairly evenly matched, but two factors sway in the Seahawks's favor. First, they are finally getting their act together and playing well while the Redskins seem to be crumbling. Second, it is a home game, and the Redskins are 1-4 on the road.

Broncos @ Chargers: Broncos
What can I say? I believe in Tebow. Oh, that and Cutler has beef with Rivers, so I don't like him either. That's pretty much my reasoning. I realize that the Chargers might be the stronger team when looking at the stats, but I have a hard time rooting for San Diego. Not to mention, Tebow has been outstanding since taking over for Orton (surprisingly, no love for him, only aberration in trend).

Patriots @ Eagles: Patriots
Again, do I really need to explain this one? Just one thing. Last week, Kansas City couldn't do anything. The one thing they did do was shut down Welker and forgot about everything else. At least I got points out of Gronkowski (very wise draft choice). I need fantasy points, so Eagles defense, do what you do, but I would very much appreciate it if you didn't have to clobber the guy! Thank you.

Steelers @ Chiefs: Steelers
I saw some people pick the Chiefs. Ummmm... I'm not sure the knew they were supposed to pick the winners... If last week is any indication of this week, I expect the Chiefs defense to go after Wallace and not do much else.

Giants @ Saints: Saints
Anytime you're playing the Saints in the Superdome, you're going to lose.

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